Housing Choice Voucher Program - Briefing

This is the process that you are required to attend once you have been notified by Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority.  When this occurs, you have reached the top of the waiting list and will be sent an appointment letter inviting you to attend a briefing at our office.  The briefing will determine eligibility and explain the program obligations. You must attend this briefing to be eligible for assistance. If you fail to attend the briefing, it will result in automatic termination; your application will be removed from the waiting list.  Attendance of the briefing does not guarantee a household will receive a voucher or assistance. If you are unable to attend, you must contact our office BEFORE the meeting to reschedule. Failure to attend will result in termination of your application. Briefings are held as group meetings, you must arrive on time or you will not be permitted to attend the briefing.  

The average briefing will last approximately 90 minutes.  Childcare facilities are not available on the premises; please plan to make proper arrangements.  One adult household member should attend due to limited seating, we recommend the household member that applied as head of household on the application.  

You are required to Bring the following items with you to the Briefing:  

  • Completed Tenant Information Form (this is sent with the appointment letter). This form must be filled out completely and signed by all adult household members.  

  • Copies (or originals and we will copy) of Social Security cards and birth certificates for ALL household members.  

  • Documentation of income and assets (assets include but are not limited to bank accounts, life insurance policies, bonds, stocks, and real estate, etc.). All divorce decrees, child support information, and custody paperwork. Acceptance/registration paperwork for any college students in the household as well as a current financial aid report. 

  • Social Security/SSI verification dated within the last 60 days. You may obtain this by calling 1-800-772-1213, on-line at www.ssa.gov or calling your local Social Security Office. We cannot accept copies of bank statements and Social Security checks as documentation.  

Directions to Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority:

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Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority
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