Housing Choice Voucher Program - Income Change

All changes in household income must be reported IN WRITING to Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority within 10 days, no exceptions. Income changes may also be reported by using the Income Change Form available on our website. When reporting employment, include the employer’s name, complete mailing address, contact person, and phone number.  If you receive other sources of income other than employment, please explain. Once verified an adjustment may be made to the rent.  A notice is sent to the tenant, and the landlord is notified of any changes.  

Tenants who pay childcare to attend school or employment may be eligible for a childcare deduction.  Please report the name, complete mailing address and phone number of the childcare provider in order for this expense to be verified. Households including elderly or disabled persons may be eligible for a medical deduction; any out-of-pocket medical expenses should also be reported.  

Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority will notify the tenant and landlord/ agent/ property owner of any changes in the Housing Assistance Payment. Increases and/ or decreases in tenant rent are effective on the first month following at least 30 days after notice.  All increase/ decreases in rent Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority will verify all increases/ decreases in rent.  

Failure to report income is a violation of the program obligations and may result in termination of assistance. If the family does not report the changes in a timely manner, the family will have caused an unreasonable delay in the interim reexamination processing and the following guidelines will apply:  

Increase in Tenant Rent will be effective retroactive to the date it would have been effective had it been reported on a timely basis. The family will be liable for any overpaid housing assistance paid on their behalf.  

Decrease in Tenant Rent will be effective on the first of the month following the month that the change was reported and verified.


Changes in Household Composition  

To add to the household tenants must first submit a written request. Tenants are then sent a list of information needed to determine eligibility of person(s) to be added. The following is a list of information that will be requested:   

  • Any new potential household members will need to complete the Tenant Information Form

  • Written consent from the Landlord granting permission to add to the household.  

  • Copy of Birth Certificate.  

  • Copy of Social Security card.

  • Verification of income for person being added.  

  • Custody paperwork if adding children to the household.  

In addition, Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority will determine if any additions to the household will cause overcrowding. If the accommodations will be deemed over-crowed, permission to add to the household will not be granted.  All adults requested to be added will be subject to a criminal background check before permission is granted.  

All requested information must be received before Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority can authorize anyone to be added to the household. Allowing someone to move in before completing this procedure will result in unauthorized tenants in household and may result in termination of assistance.   

Change of Income Form

Request to Add to Household Form

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