Housing Choice Voucher Program - Issuance of Voucher

After the briefing, all file information is verified to determine eligibility. Households must meet the income guidelines for eligibility. When determining income eligibility we use the gross (before taxes) income. All adult household members are subject to a criminal background check. Income guidelines are as follows:    

1 person

2 person 3 person 4 person 5 person 6 person


21,350 24,050 26,700 28,850 30,950

If qualified, a housing voucher is issued.  The voucher is only valid for 60 days.  Once a voucher is issued, the household may begin their search for housing.  The voucher is accompanied with an Estimated Housing Assistance form which estimates the amount of rent the household can pay, and the Request for Tenancy Approval (blue form) which must be completed by the landlord once a desired rental unit is obtained.  Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority does not grant extensions, it is important for tenants to provide KMHA with the completed Request for Tenancy Approval form before the expiration of the voucher. Once the Request for Tenancy approval is received, KMHA will determine whether the rent qualifies within the household’s income guidelines. Once qualified, the next stop will be an inspection of the unit.  Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority will make the proper arrangements to schedule an inspection.   

Denial of Assistance
In some cases, the housing authority may deny assistance. Below are examples of a few reasons the assistance could be denied:

  • Failure to provide requested information

  • Households who owe money to Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority or any public housing authority.  If the debt was repaid, you must submit proof of payment in full and that the debt was satisfied.

  • Persons with charges of violent criminal activity (including domestic violence) and drug related activity in the past three years.

  • Registered sex offenders are denied assistance for the duration of the registration period.

  • Having a family member that has committed fraud to a federal housing program.

  • Previous eviction for drug related criminal activity or serious lease violation.

  • Engaging in abusive or violent behavior toward housing authority employees.

  • Tenants or household members whose assistance was terminated due to violation of the program obligations are not eligible to reapply for assistance for one year, from the date of termination.

 *Note – If you are determined to be ineligible for assistance, you will be notified by mail and given an opportunity to appeal the determination.

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