Housing Choice Voucher Program - Lease Up

It is important for tenants to remember to take care when choosing a unit because the HAP (Housing Assistance Payment) Contract will be issued for one year. During this year, tenants are not eligible to move. Tenants may not rent from relatives. Ownership of the unit will be verified by Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority before a contract is executed.  

Once a unit has passed inspection, Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority will issue both parties the mandatory information and the HAP contract is executed. Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority cannot begin a contract or pay rent on a tenant’s behalf until the unit has passed inspection.  All paperwork is deemed complete when all parties have returned the necessary documentation.    Payments are not issued until all paperwork is received.  

The Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority offers the convenience of directly depositing Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) into bank accounts chosen by landlords, property owners and agents.  This method of payment not only eliminates the need to make a trip to the bank, but it is an easy means of receiving the housing assistance payment quickly and safely.  Payments are issued the first business day of each month, unless otherwise noted by Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority.   

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