Housing Choice Voucher Program - Recertification

Program participants are recertified each year. As a result of this process and in most cases, the rent portion will change at this time.  The housing authority maintains a tracking system and the tenants are notified of the upcoming annual review approximately three months in advance.  Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority will mail the notice to the tenant and the landlord.  It will be requested that the family complete paperwork and return it by a designated date.  

As the paperwork is received back in the office, verifications are sent.  These verifications include but are not limited to: employers and other income sources, agencies providing cash and non cash assistance, financial information, medical expenses, child care costs and enrollment in educational institutions.  

As all verifications are received a complete review of the family file takes place and all information imputed to calculate the new rent portion.  The results are sent to the tenant and the landlord.  Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority will make notification of these results at least 30 days prior to the date of the change.  

In keeping with KMHA Administration Plan, office appointments are made with a percentage of program participants to assure quality.  Should a recertification interview be scheduled it is required that the head of household, designated family member or representative with power of attorney attend.  If it is necessary to reschedule, notification must be made at least 24 hours prior to the meeting time.

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