Housing Choice Voucher Program - Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA)

The purpose of the Request for Tenancy Approval Form (RTA) is to determine if the rent will qualify within the household’s income guidelines.  Every rental unit is different as is each household’s income.  The rent may qualify for one family but not another.  

Before completing the RTA form here’s, what you need to know:

  • If a client has a Request for Tenancy Approval, they have funding.

  • KMHA only checks for income eligibility.  Property Owners, landlords, and or agents should continue with your routine screening process of tenants. Although KMHA does complete a criminal screen, not all arrests will result in a tenant to be ineligible.

  • Simply filling out the RTA is no guarantee KMHA will be assisting with rent. The unit will need to meet the potential tenants qualifying household income, and pass the inspection.  KMHA will also verify ownership of the rental unit before a contract is executed.

  • Property owners, landlords or agents should fill out the RTA for a particular unit for one tenant only.

Instructions for Completing the Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA)

  • Include the name of utility company in the appropriate column on page one.

  • Mark gas / electric, etc. on page one for the heating, cooking and hot water heater.

  • The “Paid By” column for each utility should be marked with a “T” if tenant will be paying or “O” if owner will be paying.  

  • Tenant and Property Owners, landlords and or agents both need to sign page 2 and 5 in the designated areas. The owner’s information should reflect the name and address to be used on the contract.  

It is important to complete all information on the RTA.  Failure to do so will delay payment.

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