Housing Choice Voucher Program - Housing Quality Standards & Inspections

Housing Quality Standards (HQS) are the minimum quality standards for the tenant-based programs.  HQS standards are required both at initial occupancy and during the term of the lease.  HQS standards apply to the building and premises, as well as the unit.  Newly leased units must pass HQS inspection before the beginning date of the assisted lease and HAP contract.  

Types of  Inspections  

1.     Initial move in : conducted upon receipt of request for lease approval
2.     Annual: must be conducted prior to the hap contract anniversary date
3.     Move out/vacate: at landlord’s request and only for contracts effective prior to October 2, 1995.
4.     Special/complaint: at request of owner, family or third party
5.     Quality control  

Abatements Owner Responsible Repairs  

When it has been determined that a unit on the program fails to meet Housing Quality Standards, and the owner is responsible for completing repair(s) in the time period specified by the PHA and has failed to do so, the assistance payment tot he owner will be abated.  

A notice of Abatement will be sent to the owner, and the abatement will be effective from the first day of the month following the missed deadline.  The abatement period cannot exceed one month.  

The PHA will inspect abated units within three days of the owner’s notification that the work has been completed.  If the owner makes repairs during the abatement period, payment will resume on the day the unit passes inspection.  The family will be notified of the inspection date and time.  If the PHA delays the re-inspection, payments will resume no later than three days after the owner’s notification, assuming the unit has passed the delayed inspection.  

***********For more information on abatements contact KMHA***********  

Tenant Responsible Repairs

If non-emergency violations of HQS are determined to be the responsibility of the family, the PHA will require the family to make any repair(s) or corrections within 30 days.  If the repair(s) or corrections(s) are not made in this time period, the PHA will terminate assistance to the family  

Emergency Repairs  

The following items are considered of an emergency nature and must be corrected by the owner or tenant (whoever is responsible) within 24 hours of notice by the inspector.

  • Waterlogged ceiling in imminent danger of falling

  • Natural gas leak of fumes

  • Electrical problem which could result in shock or fire

  • No heat when outside temperature is below fifty degrees and temperature inside unit is below sixty degrees

  • Utilities not in service

  • No running water

  • Lack of functioning toilet

  • No hot water in the unit

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