Housing Choice Voucher Program - Moves with Continued Assistance and Voucher Portability

HUD regulations permit program participants to move with continued assistance to another unit within the PHA’s jurisdiction or to a unit outside the jurisdiction under Portability procedures. The regulations also allow each housing authority the discretion to develop policies to define limitations and restrictions. (KMHA Administration Plan)

A tenant may move to a different unit with assistance if the lease for the current home has ended because the housing authority or landlord has terminated the contract, the owner has breached housing authority guidelines or by family request.

The tenant is required to give a 30 day move notice to the current landlord and provide a copy to the Housing Authority so a move voucher can be issued. The housing authority is required to give the landlord a 30 day notice indicating when the last housing assistance payment will be made for the current home. Example, if the move notice is received anytime in June, payment will be made to the current landlord for July and in a new home, August 1. Moves are not allowed in the first year of a contract. It is understood that there are circumstances that warrant a premature change and these situations will be handled on a case by case basis with the tenant, home owner and housing authority all involved in the resolution.

The Housing Authority will deny permission to move if the family is currently in violation of program obligations, owes the housing authority money, is in noncompliance of the their lease or has moved within a twelve month period. Some circumstances that may provide an exception are:

  • the family now needs accessible housing or reasonable accommodation for a family member

  • domestic violence has occurred in the household

  • relocation is necessary because of employment, health or education opportunities

At the time the notice to move is received a 60 day voucher will be issued to the family and a termination/compliance letter sent to the current landlord. The tenant must return the voucher paperwork to the housing authority and begin searching for a new home. Once the Housing Authority determines the family is eligible to move, a Request for Tenancy form will be sent to the family so the tenant can provide it to the new landlord. The information on this completed form will allow a rent calculation to be completed. If the unit works for the family, an inspection will be scheduled and once a unit passes inspection a contract will be completed.


Portability is the term used for the ability of a tenant to move out of the housing authority’s jurisdiction. Within the limitation of the regulations, a tenant has the right to receive voucher assistance anywhere in the United States. When a tenant requests to move outside the jurisdiction, contact is made with the designated housing authority. Approval for portability will depend on acceptance of the voucher or Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority’s ability to continue to pay at another housing authority. In addition, Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority will not permit a tenant to “port” their voucher when:

  • the family is in violation of program obligations

  • the family owes the housing authority money

  • the family has moved in violation of the lease

Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority will absorb incoming vouchers only as funding allows. The incoming voucher may be administered through KMHA with billing sent to the initial housing authority for the participants housing assistance.

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