Housing Choice Voucher Program - Waiting List

The Waiting List is closed until further notice.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long is the waiting list?

The length of the waiting list will vary. Basically, new clients can only be assisted when current clients leave the rental assistance program or if KMHA receives new funding. The number of clients leaving the program each month will vary so it is hard to tell when you will receive assistance. A typical wait time is 24 months or longer.

How will I know my position on the waiting list?

KMHA can only verify the date you applied and the month and year we are currently working on. But not a specific time when you will receive assistance.

Does KMHA offer Emergency Housing?

No. The Section 8 program is not designed as an emergency intervention program. Each applicant must be placed on the waiting list according to date and time of receipt of an application.

What is Gross Income?

The total of your income before taxes.

Does KMHA find my housing?

No. All applicants are waiting for funding, not housing. KMHA does not own or manage any rental housing. KMHA has a list of available housing and landlords who may possibly have housing available at our office in Mount Vernon.

If I find a house “Metro Approved” will I be moved up higher on the list?

No. KMHA is a first come first served agency. Only veteran’s are given any preference.

How will I be notified?

You will be notified in writing when you are placed on the waiting list. You will also be notified by mail when your name has reached the top of the list.

What if my living situation changes while I am on the waiting list?

It is important that you report all changes in your ADDRESS, household composition and income to KMHA in writing while you are on the waiting list.

NOTE: At least once a year the Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority will purge the waiting list. All applicants are sent a letter which must be responded to in order to remain on the waiting list. Those who do not return the letter will have their application terminated and would need to re-apply.

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