Housing Choice Voucher Program

Rent Reasonableness

What is Rent Reasonableness?


HUD requires a rent reasonableness test be conducted on each unit and is essential to the successful operation of the S-8 program.  Reasonable rent is defined as a rent to owner that is not more than rent charged:               


  • For a comparable units in the private unassisted market.  
  • For comparable unassisted units in the premises.   Factors considered in each test are:  
  • Unit size (square footage)
  • Age (year built)
  • Quality (includes quality of workmanship)
  • Unit type (single family, duplex, mobile home, etc.)
  • Location (site and neighborhood, access to public services, etc)
  • Amenities (carpet, ceramic floors, air conditioning, central heat, insulation, washer & dryer hook ups, etc)
  • Housing services provided
  • Maintenance provided
  • Utilities (does the landlord furnish water, stove, refrigerator, etc.)   The purpose of Rent Reasonableness is to assure that:  
  • A fair rent is paid for units selected for participation in the S-8 program, (the rent charged for assisted units may not exceed rents for unassisted units.
  • The program does not have the effect of inflating rents in the community.  


Rent Reasonableness Form